Natural embossing, a realistic tactile texture

Register embossed, Deep embossed, Wood touch or Special embossed. What exactly are the differences?

What is embossing?

Embossing gives a luxury vinyl flooring its appearance. During production, the protective layer of a luxury vinyl flooring is given a certain tactile structure; embossing. This makes the floor look and feel like real wood or tiles. See a knot? You can feel a knot!


Different types of embossing on our floors

  • Register embossed
  • Deep embossed
  • Wood touch
  • Painted bevel and special embossed

Register embossed

With register embossing, the tactile structure follows the design of the film layer. Are there knots in the floor? Then you can actually feel them! Register embossing gives a floor the most realistic tactile structure. Our 8100 and 8300 series feature register embossing.

Deep embossed

With deep embossing, a randomly perceptible structure is added to the protective layer. You can feel the wood structure, but it is not in sync with the design of the film layer. Does this make the floor look less real? No! The combination of our realistic designs, Bevelled edges, matt finish and embossing creates a particularly lifelike effect. Our floors are virtually indistinguishable from real wood or tiles, but have all the advantages of a luxury vinyl flooring. The 6500 series and all pinewood floors are deep embossed.

Wood touch

Wood touch goes one step further than deep embossed. Here too, a randomly perceptible wood texture is imparted to the film layer, but with slightly more detail. For instance, you can feel knots and saw cuts. The floors in our 6800 and 7800 series are equipped with this wood touch embossing.


































































Painted bevel en special embossed (tiles)

Our tile collection features special embossing and a painted bevel. With special embossing, the tangible structure corresponds to the structure of a real tile. Painted bevel means that the v-groove is coloured on all four sides. This gives the effect of an authentic tiled floor.