Bevelled edges on four sides

The V-groove is one of the details that make our floors barely distinguishable from real wood or tiles.

Vivafloors’ planks and tiles are finished with a v-groove (also known as bevelling). This means that the planks and tiles are subtly cut at an angle all around, emphasising the individual planks and tiles. So you see and feel the same as real wood or tile, but with the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring!


A real wooden look

The oak, pinewood and herringbone collection features a V-groove on all four sides of the plank. The V-groove gives the impression that the floor consists of separate planks, making our floors barely distinguishable from a real wood floor.

Want to emphasise the effect of a plank floor even more? Then go for our design strips! The design strips are available for our dryback floors in two widths (3.2 and 10 mm) and two colours (brown and black).


Coloured joints for a tile effect

Besides the Bevelled edges on all four sides, the tile collection also features a painted bevel. This means that the groove is coloured on all four sides to resemble the joints. This gives you a natural-looking tile effect.

No concessions in ease of maintenance

Just vacuum, mop once a week and that’s it! Luxury vinyl flooring is a hygienic choice with tremendous ease of maintenance. The subtle and shallow finish of the V-groove means you don’t have to compromise on ease of maintenance. The grooves get clean with a normal vacuuming and mopping. Good maintenance also ensures that you can enjoy your floor to the full and for a long time. Would you like to know more about the ease of maintenance of our luxury vinyl flooring? Check out our maintenance tips.