Simplicity in maintenance

Maintenance tips to enjoy your floor even longer.

Vivafloors luxury vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Indeed: that is one of the great advantages of luxury vinyl flooring. On this page you will find all maintenance tips, so that you can enjoy our luxury vinyl flooring to the full and for a long time.

Daily and periodic maintenance

Our luxury vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean. Just vacuum, mop weekly with Vivafloors Cleaner and that’s it! Depending on the intensity of use, the floor may need some extra attention after some time. With Vivafloors Polish you can repair and protect your luxury vinyl flooring. This will bring your floor back into top condition.

Vivafloors Cleaner

Vivafloors Cleaner is a highly concentrated neutral cleaning product. For a daily mopping, mix 15-20 ml of cleaner with 1 litre of hot water. For heavy soiling, use 50-60 ml Vivafloors Cleaner per 1 litre of hot water. Our Vivafloors Cleaner has a high degreasing power, so you can keep your luxury vinyl flooring clean with ease.

Vivafloors Cleaner is available from our certified retailers.

Vivafloors Polish

Vivafloors Polish treats minor damage and dull spots on your luxury vinyl flooring to make the floor look like new again. It creates an excellent durability and water-repellent protective film on the entire surface. The Polish also protects the floor’s coating against dirt, contributing to ease of maintenance. Apply undiluted with a micro cloth to a clean and dry floor (1 litre per 20 m²). As soon as the floor is dry, you can walk on it again.

Vivafloors Polish is exclusively available at our certified retailers.

Tips for preventive maintenance and avoiding damage

Prevention is better than cure! With these tips from our specialists, you can enjoy a beautiful luxury vinyl flooring for even longer.

1. Clean walking mat
Place a doormat in your home so that dirt and moisture stay on the mat as much as possible and are not walked on. This will not only prolong the life of the floor, but also reduce the need for cleaning.

2. Remove liquids as soon as possible
It is best to remove spilt liquids as soon as possible. This will also prevent the liquids from running through the rest of the house, making you have to clean even more.

3. Avoid contact with rubber.
When luxury vinyl flooring comes into prolonged contact with rubber, a dark brown discolouration can occur (think of the underside of a waste bin, cleaning mats, placemats, etc.). Rubber caps under furniture can also cause streaking due to friction. We always recommend checking all furniture and other utensils and providing them with proper protection. To make your furniture floor-friendly, we recommend the products from and

4. Felts under furniture legs
Fit chair legs and other furniture with solid felts to prevent damage to the floor. Lift heavy objects and furniture instead of sliding them across the floor. Do not forget the castors of office chairs; special soft castors are available or use a floor protector suitable for luxury vinyl flooring. To make your furniture floor-friendly, we recommend the products from

5. Avoid discolouration
Every floor covering discolours under the influence of sunlight, be it wood, luxury vinyl flooring or carpet. This is due to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Sunlight discolouration can be prevented with good sun protection.