The 7 benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is wildly popular. More and more people are choosing luxury vinyl flooring over laminate, vinyl or tiles. This is because the floors have advantages that no other type of flooring can match.

1. Versatile

With our luxury vinyl flooring, you can go either way. From living room to kitchen and from herringbone to robust oak. Whatever you like, we have a floor that fits your lifestyle.

2. Long service life

Our luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly strong and durable. That’s the reason we offer a 25-year guarantee. A Vivafloors floor is a floor that suits your life.

3. Authentic

Although our floors are made of vinyl, they’re barely distinguishable from actual wood or stone. They come with hyper-realistic designs full of detail, a matte finish and tangible embossing. You can barely see or feel the difference.

4. Child friendly and animal proof

The strength of our luxury vinyl flooring lies in their diverse properties. A Vivafloors floor is particularly sound-absorbent, moisture-resistant, feels warm and is comfortable. Handy if you have stamping toddlers, falling toys or happy four-legged friends.

5. Easy to maintain

Luxury vinyl is incredibly easy to maintain. Vacuum regularly, mop once in a while and that’s it! No (wood)oil is used here, even though the floor looks like real wood or stone.

6. Ready for underfloor heating systems

Luxury vinyl is ideally suited for underfloor heating. The material and thickness ensure good heat conduction, which results in the room heating up faster and more efficiently. Perfect for saving money on your energy bill.

7. Fully and indefinitely recyclable

Our floors are made of Virgin luxury vinyl. This is a pure type of luxury vinyl that can be recycled indefinitely and easily. A sustainable choice that you will enjoy for a long time to come.

You see and feel the same as real wood or tile, but with the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring.

In short, a high-quality luxury vinyl flooring on which we offer you a 25-year guarantee. Take a look at our floors, get inspired and request free samples of your favourite floor.