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Choosing a floor

On our website, you will find plenty of inspiration so you can make an informed choice. We have inspiration in four styles: rural, industrial, classic and modern. Take a look at your style and experience how colour and patterns affect your interior. You can also take a look at the different materials. You can request free samples on our website, so you can really see and feel our product. It is also always nice to see a larger surface of the floor, so always visit an authorised dealer near you. You can also use our Roomplanner, which allows you to virtually view our floors in your own interior. This will give you a good idea of how your interior will come together.

You can buy a Vivafloors floor from an authorised dealer in your area. We always recommend viewing a larger area of the floor before buying. You can do this at an authorised dealer in your area or at our showroom.

Almost our entire range, apart from a few herringbone floors, is available in a dryback and click variant. Only 6810 and 8360 are available in click herringbone. The dryback variant is glued to the underlay and the click variant is easy to click together. Want to know which variant is the best choice for you? Then read more about the differences between dryback and click.

Vivafloors has a recommended retail price per square metre of €40.95 for the dryback variant and €46.95 for the click variant. You can buy our floors at an authorised dealer near you.

You can view our brochure online! Besides lots of inspiration, in our brochure you will also find general information about us, our luxury vinyl flooring and a comprehensive overview of our full range. View the brochure >>

Information about luxury vinyl

Yes! In case of extreme rather than intensive use, we do recommend taking additional measures. For example, you can periodically replace the protective layer of the floor or opt for a second PU protective layer. Read more about maintenance.

Luxury vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride and laminate consists of several compressed layers, which makes laminate thicker. Luxury vinyl flooring is suitable for underfloor heating, while laminate is not. In addition, you will clearly hear the difference in noise level between laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, as our floors are much more sound-absorbent. Finally, compare how matt our floors are compared to laminate or luxury vinyl flooring from other brands. See all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.

Our luxury vinyl flooring has very realistic and varied designs. In addition, the floor not only looks but also feels real thanks to our special embossing. You can really see and feel this when you order a free sample. Also check out all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.

Maintenance and technical specifications

One of the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring is its ease of maintenance. Just vacuum, mop weekly with Vivafloors Cleaner and done! Periodic maintenance is also very easy with Vivafloors Polish. With proper maintenance you can significantly extend the life of your luxury vinyl flooring. So take a look at the maintenance tips from our specialists and enjoy your floor even longer!

On our maintenance page you will find tips for preventive maintenance and avoiding damage. With these tips from our specialists, your floor will stay beautiful for longer, extend its lifespan and reduce the maintenance required. Check our maintenance page for all tips & tricks!

High wear resistance makes luxury vinyl flooring a good investment. Our floors are long-lasting, 100% recyclable and offer excellent efficiency in combination with underfloor heating. We offer as much as a 25-year warranty on all our floors.

One of the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring is its ease of maintenance. Just vacuum, mop weekly with Vivafloors Cleaner and that’s it! Read more about the ease of maintenance of our luxury vinyl flooring.

A common plasticiser in plastic products is phthalates. Phthalates released from plastic products have a harmful effect on health. This is why Vivafloors luxury vinyl flooring is phthalate-free. This organic plasticiser is non-toxic and also environmentally friendly! Read more about sustainability.

Eco friendly

Besides being 100% recyclable, our luxury vinyl flooring is also great for making your home more sustainable. Both our click and dryback variants are suitable for underfloor heating. Looking for maximum efficiency? Then choose the dryback version. It is glued to a levelled surface. The material (luxury vinyl flooring) and its thickness ensure good heat conduction. The floor heats up faster and so does the room. So you can save a lot of energy. Read more about the difference between dryback and click.

A floor made of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring, on which we are happy to give you a 25-year guarantee.

Yes! Luxury vinyl flooring is a great material, especially when it comes to sustainability. Our floors have the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate, are phthalate-free and 100% recyclable.

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