About us

Your floor tells a lot about who you are, what you love and what your living situation is. That is exactly what makes working with floors so beautiful. The perfect floor is only the best when it truly belongs to you. This is where our passion, challenge and promise lie: to make a floor that truly fits your life.

We get energy from that challenge. We have a close-knit and committed team that is constantly at the forefront of luxury vinyl flooring. We know the trends like no other and seek the perfect balance between top quality, durability, ease of maintenance, price and durability. It is no coincidence that we are one of the largest luxury vinyl flooring brands in the Netherlands.

Simply Dutch

Vivafloors was founded in 2010 in Goor in Overijssel, a city that lies in the east of the Netherlands in an area called Twente. Since 2010, we have grown into one of the bigger brands in the Netherlands and proudly an A-brand. Pleasantly down-to-earth and convinced of the quality of our floors. So we are not afraid to give you a 25-year guarantee.


You are welcome for a visit! 

We want you to see and feel our floors. Only then will you see how real our luxury vinyl flooring really is. Get inspired with our blogs, browse our collection, visit an authorised dealer near you or make an appointment for a showroom visit in Goor or Culemborg.

Questions about a floor? We'll be happy to help.

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