floors that fit your lifestyle.

Beautiful floors for your lifestyle. Authentic and with the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring

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Beautiful floors for your lifestyle. Authentic and with the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring

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A floor from Vivafloors is the floor that suits your life. That's why we offer floors for people that love nature, like chilling on the couch, design freaks, gamers, animals, lovers, messy crafters, careerists, toddlers, world travellers and many more. From concrete for a tough industrial interior style to wood for a more homely and rural feel. A floor made of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring for which we give a 25-year guarantee.

About us

Why luxury vinyl flooring?


Child friendly

Our floors can withstand toys, falling drinking cups and stomping toddlers. And very nice, luxury vinyl flooring is noise-absorbent and keeps all feet nice and warm.


Easy to maintain

A Vivafloors floor is water-repellent and has excellent durability. So you continue to enjoy quality.


Sustainable and versatile

You can go in any direction with our floors. From living rooms to kitchens and from herringbone to robust oak. All our floors are European certified, meet all quality requirements and are 100% recyclable. That's sustainable!



Our floors are barely distinguishable from actual wood and stone. You can hardly see or feel the difference.

By the way, did you know that all our luxury vinyl flooring is suitable for underfloor heating?

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Frequently asked questions

The floor you choose will be there for quite some time, that's why you choose a floor that fits your lifestyle. So it's only natural that you have lots of questions. We have listed the most common questions for you.

On our website, you will find plenty of inspiration so you can make an informed choice. We have inspiration in four styles: rural, industrial, classic and modern. Take a look at your style and experience how colour and patterns affect your interior. You can also take a look at the different materials. You can request free samples on our website, so you can really see and feel our product. It is also always nice to see a larger surface of the floor, so always visit an authorised dealer near you. You can also use our Roomplanner, which allows you to virtually view our floors in your own interior. This will give you a good idea of how your interior will come together.

Almost our entire range, apart from a few herringbone floors, is available in a dryback and click variant. Only 6810 and 8360 are available in click herringbone. The dryback variant is glued to the underlay and the click variant is easy to click together. Want to know which variant is the best choice for you? Then read more about the differences between dryback and click.

You can buy a Vivafloors floor from an authorised dealer in your area. We always recommend viewing a larger area of the floor before buying. You can do this at an authorised dealer in your area or at our showroom.

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