As much as 25 years of warranty, these are our warranty terms

In short

An abbreviated version of our warranty regulations, easy to read and understand. Scroll further down to view the full warranty regulations.

  • 25-year guarantee for private use
  • 10-year warranty for commercial use
  • Our floors must be professionally laid, view our laying instructions
  • The floor has been correctly maintained and cleaned, view our maintenance tips

The full warranty regulations

Vivafloors Nederland BV, hereinafter referred to as Vivafloors, hereby guarantees the quality of its luxury vinyl flooring products with the exception of minor colour deviations and hidden defects, which cannot be technically prevented and which do not or hardly reduce the value in use, provided that the limitations and conditions stated in these guarantee provisions are observed.

If, within the guarantee period set out below, exceptional wear of the Vivafloors floors occurs after delivery, Vivafloors shall repair or replace the part to which such exceptional wear has occurred, whereby Vivafloors makes the reservation of a slight colour deviation of the repaired or replaced piece. However, Vivafloors shall apply a deduction from the original material price of 10% from the 1st for each year or part thereof elapsed after completion.

Vivafloors PVC Tile, dryback (bonded flooring)

Private 25 years
Commercial 10 years.

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Private 25 years
Commercial 10 years

Complaints relating to shrinkage will only be considered if the shrinkage falls outside the standards defined in EN 434 and EN 649.

In order to invoke the guarantee obligations, the following conditions are imposed.

  1. Professional installation according to Vivafloors installation instructions, on a suitable underlay and processed according to the processing instructions of the adhesive supplier. The luxury vinyl flooring and dryback should acclimatise for at least 24 to 48 hours in the room to be upholstered before installation. The boxes of Vivafloors luxury vinyl flooring should be evenly distributed over the floor in the room. The working area should be kept at a temperature between 18 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius from 24 hours before installation until 24 hours after installation. If floor heating is present, it should be switched off 48 hours before installation and can be switched on again 48 hours after installation, whereby the temperature may be gradually increased.
  2. Right choice of luxury vinyl flooring, given the application.
  3. Professional maintenance and cleaning of luxury vinyl flooring, in accordance with cleaning advice.
  4. Not exceeding a dynamic load of 50kg/cm2.
  5. If office chairs with rollers are used, these rollers should have a seamless tread at least 50mm wide and a diameter of at least 20mm. (DIN 68131 and or EN 425)
  6. Damage caused by burning, scorching, scorching or as a result of contact with chemical agents, other than Vivafloors-approved care products, are excluded from this warranty.

Vivafloors shall not be liable for any consequential damage whatsoever and cannot be held liable for any monetary damage exceeding the value of the goods delivered.