Interior Styles

You can do anything with our floors. We have a suitable floor for every style of interior. Choose the style that suits you below.


Elegant, warm and luxurious. There is something romantic about classic interiors, with a nod to the Greeks and Romans, the Baroque or the 1960s. This is precisely what makes this style so special. The combinations of white, black, brown, dark red or deep purple. Or the combination of tiles and natural floors. Think of a herringbone floor, which also has a beautiful symmetrical effect. On this page, you will find all floors that match the classic interior style.


Your interior can be a bit cool. It doesn't all have to be so sleek. You like the combination of wood, steel and concrete. But leather upholstery, brick-look walls and factory lamps also do well in your dream interior. And then your flooring: will you choose a dark wood colour or a concrete-look tile? Check out the floors that are perfect for an industrial style. All luxury vinyl flooring that can hardly be distinguished from real wood or concrete.


Modern interiors are characterised by tranquillity and simplicity. Everything does not have to be so crazy in colour and different materials. Rather a bit more light, clean lines and space. This requires a floor that reinforces these aspects You can reflect the colour of your floor in home accessories or do the opposite; create a contrast between your floor and furnishings. On this page, you will find all floors that match the modern interior style.


You love the outdoors, the countryside. You like to see this in your interior: robust wooden tables, generous furniture, accessories in earth tones and soft colours on the walls. You also match this with a natural floor that not only looks like wood, but also feels like it. One that walks wonderfully on bare feet, makes little noise with shoes and one your children can play on. On this page, you will find all floors that fit the rural interior style.

Need help with your choice?

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