Indoor Air Comfort Gold

Vivafloors luxury vinyl flooring has Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification.

Eurofins’ Indoor Air Comfort Gold (IAC Gold) certificate shows that products contribute to healthy indoor environments in the home. It is the most ambitious low-emission label in Europe and certified products are among ‘best-in-class’.

The benefits of IAC Gold certification

  • Optimal indoor air quality.
  • No health risks.
  • Suitable for sustainable construction and associated standards.
  • Comply with the strictest European, Australian and Singapore regulations on VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

What does the IAC Gold certificate entail?

The IAC certificate shows that a product meets strict international guidelines around low VOC emissions. This contributes to optimal indoor air quality. The IAC Gold certificate goes one step further. Companies with this certificate show that they strive for maximum quality and a healthy indoor environment.

The IAC Gold certificate shows that our products meet strict criteria defined in, among others:

  • German AgBB/ABG (formerly known as the DIBt)
  • French VOC class A+
  • BREEAM International
  • LEED (ACP)

The full list of standards our floors meet can be viewed on the Eurofins website. Our floors are tested in Eurofins’ ISO 17025 certified laboratory according to EN16516 (VOC testing guidelines).