Luxury vinyl flooring: a hygienic choice with ease of maintenance

Ease of maintenance and hygiene are closely linked. After all, an easy-to-clean floor is always more hygienic

Our luxury vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. Just vacuum, mop and go! So you can keep your home clean and hygienic with minimal effort.

Why is luxury vinyl flooring a hygienic choice?

  • Luxury vinyl flooring is water-resistant. Liquids such as drinks and moisture have no chance of soaking into the floor. This problem can occur with carpet, wood and laminate.
  • Dirt that lands on the floor is easily and quickly removed. Vacuum, mop with lukewarm water and that’s it! For extra thorough cleaning, add some luxury vinyl flooring cleaner.
  • Our luxury vinyl flooring is very excellent durability. This means less scratches in the protective layer, so no place for dirt to settle.

Our floors combine the look of real wood or stone with all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring!


Hygiene in the living room and kitchen

The strength of our floors lies in their diverse properties. Our floors are soundproof, moisture-resistant, warm to the touch and comfortable. Handy when you have stomping toddlers, falling toys or happy four-legged friends. Your living room and kitchen are the place where everything comes together. Hygiene and ease of maintenance therefore play an important role. You can really live on a Vivafloors floor!


Hygiene in the bathroom and toilet area

The bathroom and toilet are favourite places for bacteria. In these areas, hygiene plays an extra important role! With luxury vinyl flooring, you can be sure of optimum hygiene and ease of maintenance. Give bacteria no chance to grow or spread, so you can live life to the full in these areas too.


Hygiene in commercial areas

In commercial spaces, a floor has to endure more than at home. The floor is used by a large number of people and gets a lot more dirt to deal with. Thanks to their high wear resistance, our luxury vinyl flooring is also suitable for commercial areas such as canteens, shops, practices and public spaces. On commercial use, we confidently dare to give a 10-year guarantee. For private use, this is even a 25-year guarantee.


Enjoy a hygienic floor even longer?

No floor is maintenance-free. By maintaining a floor properly, you can enjoy a beautiful floor with ease of maintenance for longer! Here are some tips that contribute to hygiene, ease of maintenance and a beautiful Vivafloors floor in the long run:

  1. A doormat largely prevents the ingress of dirt and moisture. This reduces the need to clean the floor and extends its lifespan.
  2. Do not slide heavy objects across the floor and provide chair legs and other furniture with good protection. This way, you avoid unnecessary scratches where dirt likes to accumulate.
  3. Something spilled? Wipe it up immediately with a cleaning cloth. Prevent dirt from running through the entire room, which is more hygienic!

Also check out our maintenance page for even more tips.

Are you ready for a hygienic floor with easy maintenance?

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