4 Tips: I requested a free sample, now what?

Read the tips below and get the most out of a sample. These steps will help you make the right choice.

Sample has been requested!

  1. With a sample in your home, your choice becomes more tangible. Feel the ‘deep embossing’ of our floors and examine the details in the planks. You will discover that our floors are incredibly matt and warm to the touch!
  2. Lay the samples in the room where the floor will be installed. The incidence of light is different in every home and essential for choosing the right colour. Will there be sun in the room? If so, look at the colour in the sunlight too.
  3. Whether you have an existing kitchen or are going to pick a new one, see if the colour of the floor and kitchen complement each other. Of course, this also applies to other elements in your interior!
  4. Create a mood board! Put the samples next to the colours and materials you use on the wall, window coverings and furniture. Visualise the style with images and add real materials, such as textiles and your samples. This way, you can see and feel how your dream interior comes together.


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The next step: see your dream floor in a larger area

You have received the samples at home and may still be unsure about one or more floors. We therefore advise you to view your floor in a larger area at one of our 1,000 authorised points of sale.