Luxury vinyl flooring in combination with underfloor heating

Can you install underfloor heating under luxury vinyl flooring?

Many people wonder this, but luxury vinyl flooring and underfloor heating is a perfect match! Why?Luxury vinyl flooring is relatively thin, allowing heat to spread well over the entire surface. This means you waste less energy and can soon enjoy a pleasantly warm floor. Underfloor heating also radiates direct heat to the body. Because of this ‘radiant heat’, you need to heat your home less to create the same effect!

Voordelen van vloerverwarming onder een PVC-vloer

  • Energy-saving
    Underfloor heating is known for being energy-efficient.
  • More space
    When you use underfloor heating as main heating, radiators on the wall are no longer necessary. This saves space in your interior!
  • Good air quality
    Underfloor heating heats the room evenly, reducing dust circulating. This improves air quality, which is better for your health.
  • No underlay needed
    When installing luxury vinyl flooring on underfloor heating, no underlay needs to be laid. This certainly saves on costs, but also a lot of work!
  • Heated quickly
    Thanks to the good thermal conductivity, the room heats up quickly.

Different types of underfloor heating

  1. Heating foil
    Heating foil is a thin foil containing heating wires. Perfect for under both dryback and click variants. Luxury vinyl flooring conducts heat well, allowing it to radiate into the room. Because this foil is relatively thin, the final floor will also be thinner, which is of course a great advantage!
  2. Infrared
    Another type of underfloor heating that goes well with our luxury vinyl flooring is infrared underfloor heating. It is an underfloor heating which consists of a very thin foil, exactly 0.3 mm thick, that simply uses carbon elements to generate infrared radiation. The big advantage of infrared underfloor heating is that you can heat the entire room with a relatively low floor temperature. So nice and durable!
  3. Water-based floor heating
    With water-based underfloor heating, you guessed it, pipes with hot water are milled into the surface. With new buildings, it’s just a little different, here the pipes are on steel wire mats

Do you already know which underfloor heating you choose?

You can always visit one of our dealers for further advice.