Reducing our footprint

At Vivafloors, we are constantly working on sustainability in order to take responsibility and reduce our ecological footprint. For example, we have a big ambition for 2025; a co2-neutral office! On this page, you will find what we are doing to reduce our ecological footprint.

What we do:

  • Electric fleet
    In our warehouse in Goor, all forklifts do not run on gas or diesel, but electrically. Our representatives also increasingly drive electric and no new petrol or diesel cars are being added.
  • Transport
    In the Netherlands, we cooperate with Tielbeke. This company has already received a Lean & Green star several times for its sustainability and co2 reduction efforts. These efforts include driving style influence programmes, a young and modern fleet (Euro 6, PIEK and Cryo Tech), deployment of LHV vehicles and the use of alternative fuels.
  • Cuttings and samples
    Our trial samples are mostly produced from cutting waste from the production process. We also use products that have not passed quality control for test samples whenever possible. In this way, we throw away less and less luxury vinyl flooring. The cutting waste that we eventually do throw away is collected separately and recycled by a professional company.
  • More sustainable office
    We are also working on sustainability in the offices. We print as little as possible, replace all consumables with more sustainable variants, separate waste and do not use unnecessary heating in rooms where it is not necessary. Our ambition is to have our office in Goor be climate-neutral by 2025.
  • Our luxury vinyl flooring is phthalate-free and 100% recyclable
    Organic plasticisers (phthalate-free) are used to make our floors flexible, they are not harmful to health and are environmentally friendly. In addition, our floors are made of Virgin vinyl flooring, a pure variant without pollution that is therefore 100% recyclable. More about our floors and sustainability >>