Luxury vinyl flooring for your new home

Looking for a floor for your newly built home?

Vivafloors has a wide range of stylish, excellent durability and low maintenance luxury vinyl flooring. Because whether you are having a new flat, semi-detached house, terraced house or detached house built, a Vivafloors floor always fits.


Find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring for your new home.

A floor has to be seen, felt and compared. That is why you can order free samples and use the room planner to view our floors virtually in your own interior. That way, even if your house is still under construction, you can choose your dream floor!


5 Reasons to choose luxury vinyl flooring in your new build home.

Luxury vinyl flooring is hugely popular in new-build homes. More and more people are choosing luxury vinyl flooring over laminate, vinyl or tiles. This is because the floors have advantages that no other type of flooring can match.

1. Suitable for underfloor heating

Material and thickness ensure good heat conduction. This gives you optimum efficiency, allowing you to save a lot of energy.

2. Long lifespan

Our luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly strong and excellent durability. We dare to give you a 25-year guarantee on this.

3. Indistinguishable from the real thing

Thanks to the realistic prints, matt finish and natural embossing, you can hardly see or feel the difference with parquet, natural stone or concrete.

4. Child- and animal-friendly

Our floors are particularly noise-absorbent, moisture-resistant, warm to the touch and comfortable. Handy if you have stamping toddlers, falling toys or happy four-legged friends.

5. Easy to maintain and durable

Luxury vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. Just vacuum, mop and go. No (wood) oil is needed, while the floor still looks like real wood or stone. Our floors are also sustainable. They are IAC Gold certified, contribute to good indoor air quality and are 100% recyclable.

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Need help finding your dream floor?

Make an appointment with our flooring specialists. We will be happy to help you by:

giving advice or answering questions;
finding an authorised dealer where you can see your favourite colour in a larger area;
planning a showroom visit in Goor or Culemborg.

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Luxury vinyl flooring for your new home

Luxury vinyl flooring for your new home

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