How do I pick the floor that fits my lifestyle?

Choosing a new floor is not easy. The floor should not only match your interior, but also your or your life style.

With a floor from Vivafloors you are assured of the best buy in terms of quality, lifespan, maintenance and price. On our website you can find all our floors and easily request free samples. You can search by material and style.

Search by material

Choose a material that suits you:
Oak; stylish from yellow-brown to dark brown.
Pinewood; detailed and robust.
Herringbone; classic and stylish.
Tiles; barely distinguishable from real natural stone.

Search by style

On our website you can find a lot of inspiration, so you can get a good idea how our floors will look in your interior. We distinguish four styles; rural, modern, classic and industrial. Get inspired!

Do you have flooring from Vivafloors in mind that fits your lifestyle?

Then request a free sample and visit one of our authorized outlets!