The 4 flooring trends of 2021

From warm industrial to naturally sustainable. A new year means new flooring trends. And thus a mountain of fresh home inspiration! As every year, our specialists list their trends for you. Get to know new warm colours, the Wabi-Sabi style, natural tones and the sustainable nature of flooring.

1. Warm and calm

We are massively looking for an interior that radiates warmth and tranquillity. Our own place, where we really feel at home. Whereas in 2019 we were still playing with pastel colours, we are now moving towards dark blues and warm browns. These colours give a lot of character and combine well with, for example, wood, copper and gold. If we mix these colours with long floorboards with few knots and a matt look, we have struck the ultimate balance between warmth and tranquillity. And in terms of colour, you can still go either way.

2. Industrial remains popular

The industrial interior style continues to do tremendously well. Not surprisingly, as this style lends itself perfectly to creating bold combinations in the home. Large wooden furniture and steel doors combined with a chic herringbone floor. A combination that keeps us excited.

3. The naturally cool Wabi Sabi style

A little crazier, a little more sustainable and a little more mixed up. From Japan, the Wabi Sabi style trend has come over. A style that is all about authenticity, purity and honesty. In the choice of materials, but also in terms of styles. A touch of urban, modern and some industrial and vintage. Nice and mixed and sustainable. Popular floors include natural stone tiles or our 68-series luxury vinyl flooring. Both barely distinguishable from real, yet super durable.

4. Durable materials

Sustainability is and will remain a hot topic in the field of living in the coming years. We are increasingly aware of our impact on the world and this is reflected in the materials and choices we make in our interiors. These can be things like separating waste, LED lamps and more plants in the house, but you can also make a big contribution to sustainability in your choice of flooring. For example, our luxury vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable, has a long lifespan and meets strict European certification standards. All this while giving you the feeling of having a real wood floor or tile in your home!