Start-up protocol for underfloor heating

Luxury vinyl flooring and underfloor heating is an ideal solution! A luxury vinyl flooring is thermally conductive, which means that the heat passes well through the floor and the underfloor heating uses less energy for the same result than, for example, laminate. Luxury vinyl flooring is relatively thin, allowing heat to pass through easily.

Start-up protocol milled-in floor heating

Milled underfloor heating means that the underfloor heating pipes are laid in slots milled into the existing subfloor. Here, the slots must be filled professionally. After this, the floor will need to dry for an average of 24 hours. Meanwhile, the temperature should be at least 18°C in that room.

After drying, you can slowly start up to the maximum temperature in about 21 days. The maximum temperature and the length of the start-up period may vary. Always discuss this with your underfloor heating installer. Starting up too quickly at too high a temperature can lead to cracks and deformations of the floor. To prevent damage, the surface temperature of the floor should never exceed 28°C. Should the floor temperature exceed 28°C, the water temperature should not be raised further and the cooling cycle should be started immediately. If necessary, also enlist the help of your underfloor heating installer.

Start-up protocol for underfloor heating wire steel mats and studded plates

With bubble boards and wire steel mats, the underfloor heating pipes are placed directly between the bubbles. An advantage of this is that it also has a sound-damping effect. The surface temperature should never exceed 28°C.
The water temperature can be lower or higher than described here due to various factors.

Caution! The water temperature and surface temperature are two different things. Always check with your underfloor heating installer. The temperature can be controlled at the manifold for the supply. (Room temperature thermostat just set to 20 degrees)

Start-up protocol:
Ambient temperature

  • Day 1: +1°C
  • Day 2: +1°C
  • Day 3: +1°C
  • Day 4: +1°C
  • Day 5: +1°C
  • Day 6: +1°C
  • Day 7: +1°C
  • Day 8: +1°C
  • Day 9: +1°C
  • Day 10: Continue to max out at around 30°C. In winter, the temperature can be set slightly higher, but the floor should never exceed 28°C.