Social media terms and conditions #vivafloors

Awesome! You have created amazing inspiration with your photo of our floor. We are proud of our floors and would love to show this to others. When you comment with the hashtag #yesvivafloors, you give us permission to share your photo. By giving us permission, you agree to the terms below.


Sharing your content

  • Vivafloors may share your content on both online and offline channels. Such as: social media, blogs, online ads, our newsletter and website. But also offline, for example in our brochure.
  • You grant Vivafloors a non-exclusive commercial right to use and reproduce the content via the services or services of third parties for commercial purposes. There are no restrictions or limitations attached to this.
  • Vivafloors or third parties commissioned by Vivafloors may use your work to create derivative works. You do not have access to or approval of the work, the advertising text associated with it or the purpose for which it is used.
  • You waive any claims to royalties regarding your content or derivative works.



  • Vivafloors is not obliged to strictly mention your name. However, we will make a reasonable effort to mention you as an image creator or give your social account a mention.


Changing consent

  • Have you given permission, but still prefer not to let us share your photo? Send an email to so we can remove your image from our database.


Still have questions? Then send an email to And we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!