Interior trends 2024

Get inspired by the latest interior design trends of 2024! From bold looks to soft and rounded materials.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi means accepting the beauty of the imperfect, living in the now. Combine Japanese style with Scandinavian elements and you create a zen interior. Let simplicity, peace and quiet reflect in your interiors and see the beauty in the everyday. Admire the beauty of imperfection in materials like wood and stone and go back to basics. The colours at the centre of this trend are earth tones. Shades of grey, light blue, old rose and aubergine do well in combination with these tones and imperfections. Raw, unprocessed materials add character to the Wabi Sabi style. Think concrete, stone and wood.

Retro 70s

In the fashion world, the 70s style is making a comeback. Now this trend is also reaching the interior design industry. Bright colours, especially in brown, green, purple, orange and ochre yellow, can be found in a typical Retro 70s interior. This interior trend goes hand in hand with the trend we have known for some time; Recycling and upcycling. Give furniture and objects a second life and opt for sustainability. Think furniture and accessories made of cork, round shapes, bean bags and rattan.

Urban 90s

Street art and neon colours are things that characterise the 90s. This contemporary look returns to our interiors with cheerful colours in traditional shapes. Think eye-catching accessories combined with graphic prints. For example, neon lights on the wall, airy chairs, brightly coloured accessories and posters on the wall.

Sustainable and organic materials

The trend of sustainability is moving along to 2022. You will see a lot of natural and organic materials returning to interiors. Think cork, wood, marble and eye-catchers made of eco-friendly plastic. In terms of colour, we keep it calm with beige and taupe colours on the walls. We bring the open feeling of the outdoors inside, preferably not enclosed spaces but an open and light space decorated with beautiful plants. It is also important to us that our floors are durable. When it comes to durability, luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic material. Our floors have the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate, are phthalate-free and 100% recyclable. Click here for more information on the sustainability of our floors.

Round shapes and a soft feel

Another trend we are going to see a lot of in 2022 is round shapes. Before, they were clean lines, but this quickly comes across as very ‘unsociable’. By adding round shapes to your interior, you create a friendly and playful look. Think of round rugs, tables, mirrors and even round cushions. It can also be seen in sofas and pouffes. The fabrics of this furniture can also be pretty crazy. Think teddy, velvet and cotton.