Herringbone or whalebone: which luxury vinyl floor do you choose?

Herringbone and whalebone are two names that may look familiar to you if you dive into the world of vinyl flooring. But what exactly do they mean and which one best suits your living style? Dive into these stylish designs with us and get inspired.


Atmosphere image of herringbone and whalebone

What is herringbone in vinyl flooring?

In herringbone, the planks are laid perpendicular to each other. In the 16th century, this laying pattern was already used in parquet flooring in southern Europe. Although herringbone is also available in parquet, laminate and tile, more and more people are choosing herringbone vinyl. This is because vinyl flooring has advantages that no other type of flooring can match.

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Features of Whalebone vinyl Flooring

The whalebone pattern differs from the traditional herringbone design with its wider and longer planks. It is reminiscent of the majesty of a whale, giving any room a luxurious touch. Like the classic herringbone from the 16th century, herringbone in vinyl has its own charm and benefits, where modern style and functionality go hand in hand.

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Want to see and feel your luxury vinyl floors first?

Images say a lot, but experiencing the feel and look of a floor in real life is irreplaceable. That is why Vivafloors offers the opportunity to request free samples of your desired floors. So you can be sure you are making the right choice.

Conclusion: the best choice in vinyl Flooring – herringbone or whalebone?

When choosing a vinyl floor, both Herringbone and Whalebone are wonderful options that each combine their own historic charm and modern advantages. Whether you fall for the timeless elegance of herringbone or the luxurious width of whalebone, at Vivafloors you’ll find quality to match your homestyle. And with the option of requesting free samples, you are always assured of a choice you will enjoy for years to come.