From tradition to trend: Chevron

At Vivafloors, we combine style and functionality in our Chevron Vinyl floors. Made of quality vinyl, these floors offer durability and ease of maintenance. Discover the unique world of Chevron and its special origins.

The origin of Chevron

Chevron, with its distinctive V-shaped pattern, is a timeless symbol of European elegance and architecture. Over the centuries, this design has adorned countless palaces, mansions and luxurious homes. At Vivafloors, we bring it to the modern home, building on the rich tradition with a fresh and innovative approach.

Spacious & Peaceful:
The Power of 60 Degrees

What makes our Chevron so special? That, without a doubt, is the 60-degree angle. Not the standard 45 degrees you see everywhere, but slightly different. This twist immediately makes your room seem larger and radiates a peaceful atmosphere. It is sleek, modern and above all super stylish. A real eye-catcher for any room!

Vivafloors’ Showpieces


Chevron 7230:

This light oak design is perfect for creating a spacious and modern interior. It is not for nothing one of our most popular designs. Moreover, the 7230 is available in Herringbone XL, long planks as well as staircase renovation.

Chevron 7880:

The light brown hue of this oak floor brings a sense of space and style to any modern interior. The 7880 is also available in long planks and stair renovation.

Different laying patterns

The versatility of Chevron leaves room for creativity. From traditional to bold, the choice is yours. Below we highlight three unique styles.

Traditional variant

The classic among Chevron. This
time-tested style exudes pure elegance and fits perfectly into any interior.

Traditionele legvariant Hongaarse punt vloeren

Diagonal variation

A modern twist on the traditional pattern. This diagonal laying style creates a dynamic and contemporary look.

Diagonale legvariant Hongaarse punt vloeren

Hexagonal variant

For the adventurous among us. This hexagonal style is bold and unique, ideal for those who want to go off the beaten path.

Hexagonale legvariant Hongaarse punt vloeren

Order free samples!

We understand that it is nice to see your favourite floor(s) at home in peace. Touch the floor, feel the embossing and experience how warm our floors are. Compare the colours and see what the colours do in daylight and evening. That is the reason why you may order free samples.