Aqua Asia Club Rotterdam

This beautiful restaurant in Rotterdam has been fitted with our herringbone floor 6930 by Vivafloors. The restaurant has a high-quality hospitality concept with a lounge area and restaurant. You can come here for lunch and dinner, as well as lounging and meetings.

Performed by
DG vloertechniek

Herringbone 6930

Total surface
113 sqm

About the project

The interior is kept modern, as befits the building and its surroundings. The colors brown and blue of the predominate and complement the black herringbone floor perfectly. The complete picture gives the restaurant a warm and cozy feel!


About the floor

Herringbone 6930 belongs to the latest collection of Vivafloors. It is an almost black floor. Classic and modern! The 6930 is only available in herringbone pattern.

  • Excellent durability protective layer of 0.55 mm
  • 10-year warranty for project use
  • Only available in the dryback variant
  • Only available in herringbone pattern